Monday, May 30, 2011

Been a while

Thought I'd give this blogging thing another shot. It's been more than a year since the last character profile went up, and I have a few new characters that require attention. To be profiled: Travis Touchdown, Commander Shepard [female], Cole Phelps, Strelok, Alyssa Ashcroft and Vincent Brookes just to name a few. I'll be trying to get as many done as I can quickly as I can!

Man it's been long since an update. I managed to create my own site, for at least a year until the subscription ran out and I'm too lazy to renew it. You can find it here, though it's pretty barren: It looks a lot nicer than Liftbot, but it's really hard to update without having access to a web publishing software used on blogs like these. I'll probably renew the URL after I get a few more profiles online!

Here's to more character profiles and articles on video game journalism. I've been interning at a magazine for the past 2 months and writing has been a constant. A serious case of carpal tunnel syndrome - nah, mostly procrastination - saw me looking to other sources to help get more writing done. Writing for a few different sites and sources gave me a bit of experience in the video game journalism beat. I'm still green, but everyone has to start somewhere with their criticism and observations.

We'll see how this thing turns out and if I have the stamina to do as much writing as promised!

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