Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Community Trolling: Half-Life 3

The t-shirt you see here has been causing quite a stir online. According to Uber Entertainment game developer Chandana Ekanayake, he saw the shirt at a local game development event being worn by a Valve employee. No one can confirm if the shirt is real, where it was made, or if this is nothing more than a slightly elaborate case of trolling on Ekanayake or someone's part.

To put it simply, we are desperate enough for any information about Half-Life 3 that we'll believe, even for a split-second, anything at this point is a sign.

The entire gaming community, or at least a fairly large part, has been waiting for Valve to give us even the slightest hint at a new iteration of the series that we're looking to almost anything as proof of its existence. For instance, this website appeared only a few days ago sating some of the rumorlust we're all feeling. It's obviously a fake site run by someone out to troll people who want facts, who want an image, who want the slightest of confirmation that the game is in development.

Valve' s Chet Faliszek put an end to all the rumors saying, "This is the community trolling the community nothing more."

It doesn't help that so little information about Half-Life 3 has been revealed. Around this time last year Game Informer - bosom buddies with Valve - gave us a tidbit of information with this post. And again this year there was speculation that Wheatley's VGA's nomination speech had slight hints at Valve's new title. This year a host of websites and rumors have been plaguing news feeds with some saying that Co-founder of Valve Gabe Newell was overheard telling certain employees to start leaking information.

To this Newell had this to say to Gaming Bolt who messaged him after these new rumors arose: No.

More rumors are sure to arise over the next few months and speculation about Valve's new titles will keep us all on our toes. With all of the demand for a new Half-Life game being so out in the open, Valve is almost obligated to keep delaying until the very end to build us to the peak of suspense.

Let's just hope we get something soon, and not an announcement of a reboot of Ricochet, though that might be cool.

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